Our Vision

How to describe a dream?  We have so many dreams for Abrigo Andino and Wawa Wasi.


To begin with, we are saddened by the closing of the daycare in Vitor, and we envision opening many daycares in the region.  We believe that caring for the small children will put us in good standing with the communities and that we can be the means of detecting early signs of conditions which can be treated effectively.  In this way we can be centers of distribution of vaccines, milk, food, and information.  We can hold parenting classes as well.


We would like to be the facilities which can keep children of prisoners until their parents can be freed.


We want to minister to parents and children who come from outside the city for treatment at the local hospital, providing shelter for those who must stay for any length of time.


We want to open more homes for kids.  There is a need in Arequipa and in other places for this kind of care.  We want to go outside of Arequipa and open homes throughout Peru, and in other Andean countries.


We see a need for homes for developmentally challenged adults.  We want to build relationships with other care-giving organizations in order to accomplish this.


We would like to build an import relationship to facilitate bringing in equipment for handicapped people, such as special vehicles, motorized wheelchairs, dialysis machines, and the like.


We have a dream of a liberal arts university especially geared to the serious Bible-believing student, for the purpose of training young people for the professions.


We dream of having sufficient land to put together many of these dreams: homes especially for small children, babies, teenagers, young people desiring to learn a trade, single mothers, pregnant teenagers, the elderly and so on.


We would like to try out the concept of inexpensive monolithic dome houses for the poor, which are easy to heat, and provide much more shelter than the leaky huts they inhabit now.


We want to have a farm where we can raise our own food and enough to sell, where we can welcome agricultural students who want to try experimental farming.


We want training centers for trades where our young people can learn to make their own livings, and stores where they can learn to sell what they make; a restaurant by the road; and tourist cottages centered around a pleasant resort where our people can learn the hospitality trade.


We are in the process now of starting a microfinance bank, and we are looking to find other avenues of income.


Dream on...

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