Christmas in Peru

It seemed to be the right time to make another trip to Peru in December, ’15, for several reasons.  School  lets out for summer vacation in December, and I wanted to make sure that the vacation would not be misspent; there was to be an important visit from a cousin; and decisions had to be made about the use of the house.   Of course we had to make Christmas as festive as we could.



We had an unexpected donation to be spent just for Christmas, and boy, did we spend it!  We bought a live pine tree and decorated it, had the neighbors in for hot chocolate and panettone, bought the kids their hearts’ desires, and had a royal Christmas Eve feast

We were allowed to have our deaf girl with us for Christmas, and that was a joy.  Then Christmas Day another one of our former girls came with her two little boys.  Pastor Tito came, and  we had enough company to satisfy us.  The ladies from a Catholic organization came and served chocolate and panettone and gave presents to the kids.


A good friend from Lima came and stayed the weekend, a special delight for me.


This last picture is of Melania.  You remember that she was the young girl who needed a kidney transplant.  Here she is, with a new life ahead of her.  What she does with it will be up to her, but for now she is about to finish high school, and is enjoying a part time job.

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